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Mailing Address: 108 N. Maple Road # 162, Saline, MI, 48176

Telephone: (810) 355-4447

FAX: (775) 540-6594

Director: M. "Mike" Mychajlonka, Ph. D.


Consulting Rates: The rates charged depend upon whether or not the consulting fee is paid on a retainer (i.e., prepaid) basis. If work is done on a retainer bases, the hourly rate is $100/hour. If time spent is to be invoiced after the job is completed, the hourly rate is $175/hour. In either case, provision of any needed materials and supplies are the customer's responsibility. Any purchase of materials or supplies by Food Safety Analysis must be prepaid. The rationale behind this two-tiered pricing is simplicity itself, Food Safety Analysis, LLC does not want to spend its time on collections headaches.

The first hour spent on behalf of a new customer will always be free of charge. It is recommended that the first hour be spent in outlining, as precisely as possible, the scope of the work to be done. At that point, Food Safety Analysis will prepare and submit a proposal for the customer's consideration. Modifications and adjustments to a proposal are possible, of course. Work will begin once a proposal is accepted (in writing) and the retainer (if applicable) is received (check or credit card accepted - VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover). The minimum amount of work accepted per proposal is one hour. It may well be to the customer's advantage to begin with a very low commitment (e.g., one or two hours), check progress, direction and productivity then proceed at whatever rate the customer is comfortable with.

Special Rates: From time to time, Food Safety Analysis will make available service packages which will contain their own, integrated, pricing rather than a time and material basis. One example of such is the offer to examine packaged foods for certain toxic heavy metals. For additional details, please click the "Consumer" link at the top of this page and open the appropriate links on that page that correspond to the services you seek.

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